How To Cut a Hole in Your Shapewear for Easier Trips to the Restroom

how to cut your own _pee hole_ in shapewear.png

Anyone who has worn shapewear for an extended period of time knows the torture of needing to use the restroom with them on. You wiggle out of them just in time to relieve yourself and then realize you have to wiggle back in to them to look polished again.

Some Spanx and shapewear have an easy to use (with a peeLUX) hole that allows you to simply squat and aim through it and skip the wiggling steps.

But what if your shapewear do not have a “pee hole”?

Do not fret! Follow these easy steps to make your trips to the restroom easier:


Put your shapewear on. Identify the middle of your crotch area and take a sharpie marker and draw a dot. Next, extend the line 2” forward and 2” back (toward your bum) from that line. The line should run from front to back, not from one leg to the other.


Take your shapewear off and and cut a 4” slit in the fabric. TIP: make a small cross-wise cut in folded fabric to establish a hole to start the scissors in and cut from there.


Put the shapewear on and test the hole. Adjust by 1/2-1” on either end of the line to fine tune the placement.


BONUS - Make peeing in shapewear foolproof! Insert peeLUX into the hole to ensure it fits, adjusting the size of the slit as needed, and to make your peeing accident free.


  1. Altering a garment is always a risk. Use caution and measure twice and cut once.

  2. We recommend purchasing shapewear with a pre-made gusset hole whenever possible as it comes with a flap of fabric that folds over the hole so you are not as exposed.

  3. Peeing with shapewear is hard - practice before going out on the town for the first time!

Don’t know how to use peeLUX? Here’s how to!

Tracy Bech