What Is peeLUX?

peeLUX is an adapter that works with the built in gusset opening (aka “pee hole”) in shapewear to make it foolproof while using the ladies’ room.



"Where has this been all my adult life?...I never thought I'd get so excited about something to help you in the bathroom, but I'm sold! Never will I feel anxiety about going to the bathroom while wearing my Spanx and will have that second glass of wine without worry! Thank you thank you for inventing this awesome product! It's a lifesaver." -R. S. Allen


"Ingenius. This is the perfect accomplice to an evening of Spanxwearing. The smooth feeling of getting your Spanx perfectly in place need not be disrupted by annoying trips to the bathroom. This fits in a clutch bag and inserts easily (and quickly) for incident-free peeing. No more struggling to get your Spanx down in time (I mean let's face it, after three children, when I have to go, I have to GO!) and no more struggle to get them back up and comfortable again. Thank you peeLUX!" - Jennifer