peeLUX was created for your patients.

Our founder, Tracy, invented peeLUX during her tummy tuck recovery. Once she graduated from wearing the binder, she wore a very soft and otherwise comfortable pair of Spanx for 5 weeks. Still sore from surgery, she DID NOT want to pull the shapewear down to use the restroom, so she tried the open gusset. Sadly, she peed on her Spanx each time and had to remove and wash them. She quickly learned:

  • Wearing shapewear for 5 weeks day and night is very long time.

  • Pulling shapewear down and up is tiring and painful when you are recovering from abdominal surgery.

  • Drinking lots of water is essential to a speedy recovery, but makes you pee, a lot.

  • The open gusset in shapewear doesn’t work. Peeing on your shapewear is NOT OK.

  • This was going to be a really long 5 weeks if she can’t use the open gusset to pee.

Tracy is not the exception, she is the norm. Upon researching this issue, she found 100’s of other women just like her!

peeLUX to the rescue! She invented peeLUX and is now dedicated to bringing it to all women who wear shapewear and don’t want to pull it down to use the ladies’ room.

There are 2 ways to provide peeLUX to your patients:

  1. Include it in the take home bag. This is our most popular option as it provides the full-service level of excellence that plastic surgeons like to provide. Simply order in quantities of 12 and take advantage of our wholesale pricing.

  2. Refer your patients. Include a peeLUX card in the patient information packet. This allows the patient to decide if peeLUX is for them.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

A Total lifesaver after surgery!!!

“Following surgery, I was required to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks. Although the garment had an open crotch, it was still getting wet on the edges each time I had to pee. I found the peeLUX online after a desperate search on Google for a solution. I only wish I had know about this product ahead of time and ordered it in advance. I would consider this product an absolute necessity for any woman in the position of having to wear compression garments for an extended period of time, and think that every surgeon should include this on their list of recommended products for post surgery recovery. I am sure I will also benefit from being able to use it in the future with regular shapewear and will recommend to all my friends. Thanks peeLUX!!!” - Yvonne S.

Post Surgery MUST Have
“This is the perfect post-surgery product. Can you imagine having to wear Spanx all-day, everyday for 10 weeks? Going to the bathroom is a hassle when out on the town, but managing it for days on end makes you question every glass of water! The peeLUX makes this process clean and fast. Don’t question it. Order this prior to surgery to make following your doctor’s orders possible, and then have the benefit of using it later when you opt to wear Spanx out on the town.” - Tricia M.