How to Use the Spanx Gusset

[without getting wet!]

peeLUX holds your shapewear open and prevents any dribbles from contacting the fabric. No undressing, no hassles. Just a quick visit to the ladies' room.



To summarize, here is how you pee in your Spanx using the double gusset opening:

  1. Purchase peeLUX.
  2. Insert peeLUX into the gusset of your shapewear.
  3. Make sure your shapewear is sitting above the peeLUX ridge and not touching your body.
  4. Use the peeLUX handle to put pressure on peeLUX toward your rear while you "go". Wipe as usual. Remove and store peeLUX until next time.

Other important information about peeing in shapewear:

You wear shapewear to own the dance floor, the wedding aisle and board room. Now you can own the bathroom!

peeLUX is perfect for:

  • Brides who are worried about getting in and out of their shapewear and wedding dress just to pee. 
  • Business women who need trips to the ladies room to be quick and easy.
  • Ladies out on the town who don't want to undress in less-than-optimal public restrooms.
  • Women who are post-partum or post-surgery who are wearing compression garments to aid recovery.


What types of shapewear does peeLUX work with?

All types that contain an elasticized crotch opening.

Compatible brands include:



Assets by Sara Blakely

...And any other brand that has an elasticized crotch opening.


Is it gross to carry around a peed on peeLUX?

Nope! peeLUX barely comes into contact with urine. If it does, simply wipe as you normally would and it will be dry and clean.  This means you won't have to rinse it in the public bathroom sink, if you prefer to be discreet about it.

Where can I buy peeLUX?

peeLUX is available at and Amazon.