How do I know if peeLUX is for me?

Have you ever gotten wet by peeing through the crotch gusset? If so, peeLUX is for you!

Have you ever been frustrated and annoyed by having to wriggle out of highwaisted shapewear to pee? If so, peeLUX is for you!

Have you ever been sweaty and half naked after taking off a dress to get out of your full camisole shapewear to pee? If so, peeLUX is for you!


Why not just pull my shapewear down to pee?

You can do that too, but peeLUX is designed to make the process quicker so you don’t have to wrestle with any layers and risk any misses that will leave you damp.


What types of shapewear does peeLUX work with?

All types that contain an elasticized crotch opening.

Compatible brands include:



Assets by Sara Blakely

...And any other brand that has an elasticized crotch opening.


How do I avoid a little pee dribbling out the back?

Press the peeLUX into your crotch with extra emphasis on the back portion. As we pee, it tends to flow backward, so positioning the peeLUX with pressure on the back solves this problem.


Is it gross to carry around a peed on peeLUX?

The peeLUX design keeps urine mostly away from the device. The only part that may come in contact with urine is the back edge as you use it to block any rearward dribbles.

If urine comes in contact with peeLUX it will quickly drain away from the hydrophobic material. Additionally, take a piece of toilet paper and wipe any excess drops away. Then store in the provided waterproof pouch. It is a good idea to regularly rinse and air dry the peeLUX and pouch for ultimate hygiene.

Will I have to rinse it off in the bathroom sink after use?

No, you can wipe it dry in the privacy of the bathroom stall, so no one knows you've used it! (Although we think you should let them in on the secret so they can enjoy the benefit too!)