The peeLUX Story


Hey! I'm Tracy Bech, inventor of peeLUX.

Our peeLUX story begins with my post-partum body. Specifically my shredded abs (diastasis recti). I'm a small person who had 2 kids, one of which was rather big and did some irreparable damage to my abs. I did every physical therapy exercise there was to fix them and get them back to center to no avail.

I was told surgery was my only option. I was young, active and couldn't envision a life without a strong core, so I went for it. (Best hard decision I've ever made, by the way.)

Post-op, my surgeon advised me to wear shapewear or Spanx to help control swelling and keep the surgical site protected. This sounded great after the scratchy Velcro binder he had me wearing, so I happily obliged. That is, until I realized that it was extremely hard to get the Spanx up and down to use the loo. And I had to wear them day and night...for 5 weeks.

So I got brave and used the built in opening designed for such purposes. And it didn't work. (I got wet.)

I went Googling, hoping other women who were experienced Spanx wearers could help me out. Nope. We were all in the same boat. Even Kim Kardashian can't pee in her Spanx without getting them wet. (Seriously, no joke!)

So, I took matters into my own hands and went to the kitchen to experiment with various funnels to meet my needs. Much to my satisfaction, I got one to work! This was my new best friend! But alas, not very portable, or cute, or cool.

My husband came home and caught wind of what I was up to. (I had to sheepishly admit to pee'ing on kitchen gadgets.) He is a product designer by trade, so quickly decided that the funnel could be improved upon, and started drawing designs on the computer.

Via rapid prototyping (3D printing), we were able to get our hands on a much improved design quickly, and evolved it from a bulky kitchen funnel, to a sleek oval device. We added a cute, washable, waterproof case, and voila; peeLUX at your service!

Have you had this same issue? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you!

Much love,